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  We save our clients time and money on networking and security by combining best-of-breed technology with years of hands-on experience. Network Security Optimization.  

Not just different. Better.

DBS is a national provider of LAN, WAN, VoIP, and Security services, with a 24x7 US based help desk, strategic out-tasking capabilities, and comprehensive managed security services. Whether you need to upgrade your switches and routers, or just need someone to manage them for you. Whether your building a new data center, or just need the cabling in the racks cleaned up. Whether you need to reduce the cost of your Wide Area Network service, or are just tired of dealing with it. DBS can help.

DBS provides businesses with the option to leverage one trusted partner for all of their LAN, WAN, VoIP, Security, Cabling, Out-Tasking, and 24x7 managed help desk support requirements.

The depth of our service is what makes us different.

As seasoned industry experts, that come from the customer environment, we understand what it means to be responsible for a production network. We have designed, implemented, and supported hundreds of large scale environments in over 160 countries, and have been responsible for some of the largest IT user communities.

We make implementing and supporting complex networking and security look easy, because that is our core expertise.

The Quality and Experience is what makes us better.

Quality is something that everyone promises, but very few actually deliver. Not DBS. To us, quality means thinking like a customer in everything that we do for our clients.

It means having the integrity to say we'll get back to you, when we don't know the answer. It means paying attention to the details, like meaningful naming conventions, detailed as built diagrams, and future proofed device configurations. It means accuracy in reporting, documentation, and inventory data. It means being a professional and respecting the craft.

Quality means doing the hard work upfront to get it right the first time.

Turn to DBS, and see what's possible.